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Syracuse NY Property Division Lawyer

Property Division (Equitable Distribution)

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Every divorce must account for the division of assets and debts of a marriage. Marital property consists of everything or nearly everything acquired during a marriage other than by gift or inheritance, including:

  • Real estate
  • Financial investments
  • Businesses
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement funds
  • Some improvements to non-marital property
  • Cars or trucks
  • Recreational vehicles: boats or snowmobiles for example
  • Household goods
  • Pets

Often, spouses approaching a divorce believe or say that they are in agreement on how assets should be distributed in the divorce. In these cases, the individuals sometimes ask our attorneys if they can or should attempt a "do-it-yourself" divorce. In our experience, once most people understand the complexities involved in identifying and dividing assets, the more readily they understand why a lawyer is best prepared to handle the matter efficiently and accurately.

Spouses also often realize that they are not in agreement when they understand what all is considered marital property, such as stock options and part ownership in businesses. This may be especially true in the case of complex asset division situations, where there are many assets, and many types of assets, to identify and account for.

To get a quick handle on what steps need to take place to correctly inventory and divide property from your marriage that is headed for divorce, talk to a family law attorney. Ask one of our lawyers about small business valuation, full disclosure of assets and property division settlement negotiations.

Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., is a family law dedicated solely to domestic and family law. Our lawyers welcome your inquiry, and are prepared to answer the most important questions that your circumstances bring to light-compassionately, efficiently and with consideration for both fairness and your best interests.

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To set up an appointment to discuss your need for enforcement or modification to a pre-existing agreement, contact our firm at 315-849-2319. We offer evening and weekend appointments and, if you decide to use Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., for your family law representation, we will credit your initial consultation fee to your account.

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