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New York Protection / Restraining Orders Lawyer

Restraining Orders and Orders of Protections

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When there is cause to believe that domestic violence may occur, a judge may issue an order of protection designed to keep the threatening family member out of reach from those whom she or he might seek to harm. Judges will often be safe rather than sorry when an individual requests an order of protection.

If your wife or husband has made threats - perhaps because you mentioned the likelihood of separation or divorce- you are of course urged to take whatever steps you need to take, in order to feel safe.

If, on the other hand, you have been named in a restraining order and need our help to "get it undone" before it is used against you - or because you need access to your home and want to be with your children- contact a lawyer to request a consultation.

Far too many disgruntled partners use the threat of requesting an order of protection as a weapon. Once the police have been called, the situation will no longer be in your or your spouse's control. Rather, the state will take over deciding who needs to stay away from home and for how long.

It is one thing to truly fear for your safety-and another thing to feel a strong need to "punish" your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend who has, perhaps, been unfaithful or abused alcohol or made moves to end the relationship. A family law attorney with experience handling situations involving orders of protection or requested orders of protection is a valuable source of seasoned, wise advice for the person wishing for "protection" as well as for the person named in an order of protection.

The family law attorneys at Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., are ready to act quickly to help you request or refute an order of protection or restraining order. Talk to us sooner rather than later. Call or e-mail the law firm.

Contact Our Firm Today if You Need-or Were Named in-a Restraining Order

To set up an appointment to discuss your need for an order of protection or restraining order-or to contest an order of protection directed at you- contact our firm at 315-849-2319. We offer evening and weekend appointments. If you decide to hire Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., for your family law representation, we will credit the fee for your initial consultation to your account.

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