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New York Grandparent Rights Lawyer

Parents or Grandparents: Contact Our Family Law Firm

Discuss Parental Rights, Child Custody and Grandparent-Grandchildren Contact in New York

Legal questions involving grandparents and grandchildren often include one or more of the following elements:

  • After a separation or divorce, paternal grandparents have difficulty seeing their grandchildren as often as they were accustomed to during the marriage-or at all.
  • One parent-divorced or separated-is serving in the military overseas-in Iraq or Afghanistan, for example-and the grandparents at home wish for visitation rights with the grandchildren in his or her place.
  • After one parent dies, the other parent cuts off contact with the in-laws, and grandparents wish to assert rights to continued contact.
  • Grandparents believe that their children are unfit parents because of drug or alcohol abuse or for other reasons, and wish for advice on how to become legal guardians of the grandchildren.

Our New York Family Law Attorneys Offer Personalized FAQ Advice

The answers to your questions regarding "grandparents' rights" in your family will vary depending on your particular circumstances. It is often more helpful to frame the questions in terms of goals and methods rather than rights. Our family law attorneys are experienced and adept at helping grandparents discover and implement ways to protect bonds with their grandchildren. For example, a guardianship may be in your family's best interests.

Are the Grandparents "the Problem"?

If, however, you are a parent who believes your children's grandparents are not a healthy influence and wish for advice on how to protect the children, talk to a lawyer and learn what your options are.

Grandparents: Contact Our Syracuse Family Law Firm Today

Learn how to obtain, document and enforce rights to contact with your grandchildren as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible. To schedule a consultation regarding grandparent issues in New York, contact our firm at 315-849-2319. We offer evening and weekend appointments. If you decide to hire Macht, Brenizer & Gingold, P.C., for your family law representation, we will credit the initial fee to your account.

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