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Syracuse Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys - Syracuse, New York

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new concept that has gained tremendous popularity for its ability to help clients obtain a divorce in a more efficient and amicable manner. A collaborative divorce is best for spouses who believe they may be able to reach an agreement on all issues that may arise in their divorce, including:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Alimony
  • Division of marital debts
  • Award of the marital homestead

If you want to learn more about collaborative divorce, contact Macht, Brenizer & Gingold in Syracuse, New York. Our attorneys practice exclusively in family law, so we can provide the experienced and knowledgeable support your require.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse has their own attorney who advises them of their rights. The attorneys and the parties all communicate and attempt to resolve all disputes without going to trial.

The attorneys and spouses sign an agreement that states that if the parties are not able to resolve all disputes and must take the case to court, the attorneys will withdraw from their representation of the parties. Of course, the parties are free to hire new attorneys.

Because the threat of going to trial is not used as a hammer in negotiations, the whole focus of the process is towards dispute resolution and reaching an agreement. People find that a collaborative divorce often saves considerable time, stress and unnecessary conflict. A collaborative divorce may also save clients the cost of taking a case to trial.

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To speak with a divorce lawyer about a high net work divorce, contact Macht, Brenizer & Gingold in Syracuse, New York. For assistance, call 315-849-2319, or contact us by e-mail.

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